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I’m an ideas man

April 29, 2014

I have ideas. Lots of ideas that usually come to me at inappropriate times. A lot of these ideas are good, but not great. A couple have stuck around, kept on rearing their annoying heads. And from all angles they still seem like good ideas. I’ve run these ideas past a few people (actually way to many people) and they seem to like them too. And since I have said that I’m going to do these projects, I have to do them. I’m not a gonna. You know those people, “I’m gonna do this and that and blah blah” but nothing ever happens.

So one of my ideas I need to shoot with a lot of megapixels. I can’t shoot multiple images and stitch them together so I’m going to shoot it on a Phase One and an 1Q 80 back. Bye bye 60k+

Nothing worthwhile ever comes easy, so to get me started and to ease the financial pain I’m selling a heap of my personal memorabilia. Pieces I’ve been hoarding for a few years, signed pictures I’ve taken of some of my favourite artists, a few pieces of vinyl (If you see more vinyl being added you know I’m desperate) and the odd shirt I’ve had lying around. I call this “The Beard Collection

So it’s kind of like a crowd funding campaign but not.

You can also help me out by purchasing a copy of Kanye Lens Vs Soundwave, a t-shirt or any other prints that have been left over from exhibitions. I also still have a heap of prints on display at Eureka Rebellion Trading 454 Smith St, Collingwood VIC 3066 that are not on this site, as well as a few in Knucklehead Shipping Co flag ship store 462 Oxford St, 2021 Paddinhgton

These projects are going to take a few years to shoot but I’m sure you will all find out what’s going on soon enough. I’m not very good at keeping secrets.

Go forth :

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