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Neopan dreaming in Japan…

February 3, 2014

In 2012 I took a well earned break with a few weeks holidaying in Japan.  I’m definitely not one of those people who has a camera in hand everywhere they go so I had to talk myself into taking a camera with me.    Also not being one for holiday snaps I decided I would take my  Canon EOS1  35mm, 50 1.2 and shoot only B/W Neopan 1600 (I still have some rolls hoarded).  I thought I would challenge myself with shooting in monochrome as the abundance of colour in Japan would usually lend itself to shooting colour. It’s kind of nice to decide to take a photo, rather than having to take a photo.

Forgive my scanning, dust and hair seem to rule my life.

Japan_2013012 Japan_2013013 Japan_2013014 Japan_2013017 Japan_2013021 Japan_2013022 Japan_2013024 Japan_2013025 Japan_2013037 Japan_2013041 Japan_2013045 Japan_2013047 Japan_2013049 Japan_2013051 Japan_2013055 Japan_2013058 Japan_2013059 Japan_2013062 Japan_2013063 Japan_2013067 Japan_2013070 Japan_2013074 Japan_2013075 Japan_2013078 Japan_2013082 Japan_2013083 Japan_2013085 Japan_2013086 Japan_2013087 Japan_2013089 Japan_2013090 Japan_2013095 Japan_2013096 Japan_2013098 Japan_2013104 Japan_2013111 Japan_2013112 Japan_2013113 Japan_2013115 Japan_2013117 Japan_2013119 Japan_2013121 Japan_2013126 Japan_2013127 Japan_2013128 Japan_2013133 Japan_2013134 Japan_2013136 Japan_2013141 Japan_2013144 Japan_2013146 Japan_2013147 Japan_2013151 Japan_2013152 Japan_2013153 Japan_2013155 Japan_2013156 Japan_2013158 Japan_2013161 Japan_2013163 Japan_2013164 Japan_2013165 Japan_2013170 Japan_2013173 Japan_2013175

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