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Exhibition Prints

July 1, 2013

I’m moving studios soon and the impending task of moving everything that I have accumulated over the years has finally motivated me to put some previous exhibition prints up on my webstore,

Back in 2011 when I put on my first exhibition (Searching With My Good Eye Open), I decided I would only sell prints through exhibitions. I thought this would be a good way to limit the availability of my work so that the only way you could purchase a print would be to physically come and see it, not just browse online. But I also realize that not everyone can make it to an exhibition, so this is a chance for anyone to pickup a piece of my hard work.

I put a lot of work into my imagery and this extends to when I reproduce them in print. I don’t want to sell a print through a 3rd party online printer that essentially prints them on a machine that is setup to print on ‘matte or lustre’ with an automatic setup. And I the fact that I would never see the actual print I sold to someone, makes me shudder. I want to be able to choose my paper to suit my imagery. I also want to know that someone will look over my final image, make adjustments to suit the paper, do a test print before making sure the image looks as it’s meant to. All this costs more money that your local print lab. Money that ensures that my high work standard is continually met and exceeded.

So I’ve put up two lots of prints.

A2 prints are what i have exhibited previously and have been stored flat between glassine paper. What you see in the listing is the actual print. If I have multiples (I had a time in 2011 where I had 3 prints of the same images in different exhibitions), I have put up multiple listings. I have also started numbering my images in sequence that they were printed. These are not limited editions, but at least give the buyer an idea of how many reproductions there has been. Since I don’t print on demand, there is never going to be a huge volume of my work available.

I love to see images in print and like to print work which I feel are strong images, regardless of who is in them. So as time goes on, I may never print some of these images again. If you have previously bought a print, I would have taken that number into consideration when numbering. If any extra monetary value does occur to my imagery, I would like to think, unnumbered images would be worth more as you would have to assume they were either the first or second printed. Over time reproduction of images, will change slightly with different make up of inks, printer profiles, software, paper etc. So each print will have subtle differences.

I also have A2 work still in frames which I might put up at a later stage.

A3+ Ex Folio prints are prints I have had in my personal folio book. Over time I have switched out images to keep my book updated and these prints are what I am no longer using. Some prints have some small dents and creases where they have been near the spine of my book. Please read the listings carefully. Any of these marks are on an edge and 2-3 mm in length. If you matt or frame the image, you will not see these marks. Images are not signed. Images are priced accordingly. The A3+ size is not a size I would exhibit at so nothing at this size will ever be reproduced other than for my folio. And once it’s been printed I couldn’t image why I would reproduce it again at this size.

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