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June 13, 2013

Last Month I was honoured to speak at the 2013 AG Ideas conference in Melbourne. I’ve done a few of these talks in front of smaller groups, but this was the first time in a 2500 seat venue. I really enjoyed the experience and since I have worked in a variety of roles within the music industry I feel I have a good well, rounded knowledge of multiple aspects of the industry. I think this helps me service my clients better as a music photographer as I can see where I fit in, as a part of a much larger picture. I have a general interest and curiosity of the workings of the music industry, hence my unsuccessful stints as a musician, journalist, label A&R and sound engineer. This helps me see the challenges that artists face (in all facets of their career, not just publicity and creative) and adds value to my photographical services.

I would love to do some more of these engagements, hopefully impart something interesting about what I do, whether it’s photographical or business. So my industry friends, read my score card below. Consider me next time you’re putting a panel or conference together.


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