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Shout outs.

September 2, 2012

I like business.  Though I’m not the best at it, it’s always at the back of my mind with everything  I do.  One of the earliest things I learnt was to surround yourself with great people.  You just can’t do it all.  Handing things over to someone who can ease your workload or do it better than you, isn’t always the easiest thing.   So when you find these people, you  have to keep them close.  These are the relationships that businesses are built and thrive on.    So where am I going with this?  A couple of shout outs!

Kayell.  Kayell is a professional photography retail store that have helped me out in so many different ways since I started shooting.  I walked in there one day, hired some gear, got great service and bad jokes. I buy 95% of my photographic gear from them.  I know I can get it cheaper online but the little bit extra I pay for things, gets paid back in ways that you just can’t put money on. They have helped me grow my business, given me advice (advice  tailored for me, not a blog post), loaned me gear when I was in a bind, sponsored my exhibitions and generally always go the extra mile to make sure I have what I need, when I need it.   They’ve couriered things out to me on a job when things have broken, kept the store open late because I needed to pick something up and even personally delivered out of hours.

This is one relationship I couldn’t live without.  It wasn’t always this way but as I said the more my business grew, the more they were there to help.  I know money is always tight but sometimes penny pinching in certain area’s just isn’t worth it.  Go in and see them.

Tim Ainsworth.  I met Tim recently on a recommendation from Kayell.  He’s a fine art printer.  I see the term ‘Fine Art Printing’  thrown around on internet with reckless abandonment.  If your printing choices are based on choosing a lustre or gloss finish and your image is not prepared for a certain paper then the term fine art print is probably not appropriate.  I enjoy printing.  I know what papers I like to print on and how to get the best print from a file, but holy shit, Tim takes it to the next level.  I thought I could get good prints but Tim makes me look a photo kiosk.  (Where I used to get all my photos printed before I had any idea about printing).

Tim really knows his papers, he understand how an image will print and can tell you what paper would be best for the tones and asethetic of your image.  He will work your final image to setup it up so that it will print like a demon.  Seriously he is really good at what he does.  If you know the name Les Walkling, then you can understand the level his mind works at.  I have a real hard time outsourcing creative elements of my work, but I have absolutely no problems in letting Tim do his thing to my work.

So if you need a print done, whether it’s an A2 image or 44 inch print, he’s your man.  It’s not as expensive as you thing and if you are going to all the trouble of creating a print, don’t get it printed on some shitty paper in an automated lab somewhere.  Get in touch with Tim.

Tim Ainsworth

I just remembered, I went to the Melbourne Show last year and checked out the photographic exhibit.  One thing I really noticed was, whilst there was some great work, in nearly all of them, what let the work down was the printing.  They were either printed on shitty glossy paper when a rag paper would have suited the image better or over sharpened and too saturated.  There is so much more to printing than most people realize.

Feels good.

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